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Dr. Gordon has listed a multitude of potential concerns or problem areas you might be experiencing. Obviously, there are no quick easy answers to these issues. However, he has provided some information on each of the problems so can have a starting place of understanding and direction.
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Areas of Concern

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A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. is a disorder that causes a person to be easily distracted, trouble staying focused, possibly hyperactive, impulsive, inattentive and difficulty with self-control. It is caused by a certain part of the brain that is under stimulated and not working as it should. It is generally inherited from a parent but can also be caused by injury to the brain through trauma or drugs.

This problem is highly prevalent in society. It is not cured by changing diet or better parenting. It is a brain-based problem. A person shows symptoms at very early ages and most will not grow out of it, though a low percent may. Therefore, lots of adults are experiencing A.D.D.

There are degrees of severity. The more severe the problem, the more likely you will need medication to help. Most medications for A.D.D. are stimulants which will stimulate the part of the brain that needs help, thereby improving the symptoms. There are also behavioral strategies that will help minimize problems that are caused by A.D.D.