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Dr. Gordon has listed a multitude of potential concerns or problem areas you might be experiencing. Obviously, there are no quick easy answers to these issues. However, he has provided some information on each of the problems so can have a starting place of understanding and direction.
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Areas of Concern

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Teenagers are confusing, frustrating and difficult. They make you feel lost, powerless, overwhelmed, tired, helpless, guilty and anxious.

Having raised four teenagers and published ďTalk-It-OutĒ (Therapeutic Game for Teens) as well as a workbook I have written for teens called ďTake It Up,Ē I have an idea of your difficulty.
Let me give you a few basic principles that may help:

  1. To get anywhere with a teenager you must first have a relationship that is positive. You must earn the right to be heard - you donít just get respect because you should.
  2. The best way to build or rebuild a relationship with a teen is to have fun.
  3. You canít control a teenager - quit trying. You can only motivate them. Use positive reinforcement if possible or you can use consequences. Neither work well without relationship.
  4. Your teen needs you more than they act like it. Be there for them.
  5. If they are acting out in severe ways, then itís time to get help before itís too late.