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Do you know that the main reason for conflicts and relationship problems are a result of a communication breakdown? Misunderstandings, silent treatments, destructive anger, blaming, denial, dishonesty, lack of respect and more are just some of the communication problems that people encounter.

Let me suggest a few communication tips that might improve your relationships:

  • No matter who youíre talking to you must maintain an attitude of respect for that person.
  • Itís o.k. to disagree. You donít have to attack the person because you donít agree.
  • Donít use your words to harm another person under any circumstances.
  • Listen first, show empathy second and validate the other person third, even if you disagree.
  • You should have the freedom to express your thoughts, feelings and desires.
  • Women communicate to connect not control.
  • Men communicate to solve and exert independence not to create distance or conflict.
  • Most communication is non-verbal and body language not verbal content. Read the underlying message.
  • Give compliments, focus on whatís good and right. Be positive.
  • Apologize. Say Iím sorry and mean it. Even if youíre not 100% wrong.