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Self-mutilation is cutting, burning, ingesting poisons, hitting, or any other behavior that causes harm to the body. Why would someone purposely hurt themselves? Why?

On the surface it doesnít appear to make much sense to cause yourself pain. Donít we try to avoid pain? Yes we do. Actually, that is what self-mutilation is about. The individual is actually trying to avoid pain. The pain they are avoiding is on the inside. Emotional pain can sometimes hurt so much that a person will cause physical pain to not feel the emotional pain. In fact, those that hurt themselves actually report that it feels good, they feel relief, or it is a way to just feel. It can actually become very addictive. It becomes a way to cope with the pain on the inside. Obviously, this is not a great coping mechanism, and can be very dangerous, even fatal at times even though it is not meant to cause death.

So what is the answer here? Find healthy ways to process and cope with emotional pain. Whether it is meant to punish the self, or to find release, it is damaging and dangerous. There are other ways to deal with the pain. There are ways to get rid of the pain. Please seek help and answers. Though self-mutilation may seem to work for you, it is not the answer you are looking for. It is not a cure for what is bothering you, and it will actually cause more problems for you.