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Are you carrying around a load of guilt? Most people are. Most of us, if not all of us, have made some pretty major mistakes along the road of life.

When we fail and do something against our own moral code, then we will experience the feeling of guilt. Guilt isnít necessarily bad; it is just a signal to let us know we messed up. We can then try to change, or make amends, and learn from the experience.

Unfortunately, many of us are unable to move on and let go of the guilt. We live in it, instead of using it as a helping tool. If you are living in guilt, then youíre likely to need forgiveness to get out of it. You will need forgiveness from others as well as yourself, and from God.

So how do you receive and accept forgiveness? It is a gift. It is not earned. Restitution and justice, which can also alleviate guilt, are earned. Forgiveness goes a step further. Forgiving others and accepting forgiveness is a gift that will free you from guilt. Please take it.