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Unfortunately grief is a part of life that we all will have to experience. Loss is something that we must endure and experience. There is no choice. The questions are, “How can I process grief in the most healthy way?” and “What am I supposed to do with my pain?”

You probably won’t like my answer, but the best way to deal with your pain is to let yourself feel it…experience it. Many want to ignore, numb, run away, mask or find some way to distract from the pain. Processing grief will hurt and it will take time. The healthiest thing to do is allow yourself to feel, and give yourself ample time to get through the process.

You may need to cry, talk, write, create, use music, pray, or a multitude of other things to help you process the pain. Don’t turn to addictions, or ignore your pain. Feel it, express it, get it out so you can heal. Though it will hurt it is the best way to eventually recover from your loss.