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Dr. Gordon has listed a multitude of potential concerns or problem areas you might be experiencing. Obviously, there are no quick easy answers to these issues. However, he has provided some information on each of the problems so can have a starting place of understanding and direction.
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Areas of Concern

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It may be alcohol, drugs, medications, food, sex, internet, video games, work, religion, sports or even a relationship. You can be addicted to about anything.

Let me define addiction so we know what we are talking about. An addiction is something (anything) that you cannot stop doing though it is causing significant problems in your life. You have tried repeatedly to control the behavior without success. You essentially are out of control no matter what the consequences may be, you are unable to stop.

If you have an addiction your biggest problem will be admitting that you’re an addict. We call this denial. Unfortunately, most addicts will have to suffer for awhile before they get to the place of admitting their problem. Usually the people close to you will see the problem long before you do. Listen to them.

If you can get to the place that you can admit your addiction and want help, then take the following steps to recovery:

  1. Find a 12 step group.
  2. See your doctor about non-habit forming medication that may help.
  3. Seek out a counselor and go.
  4. Seek out developing your spirituality.
  5. Develop some healthy coping skills to deal with your pain.
  6. The inability to feel, express and process your emotional pain is the driving force behind most addictions. Addictions numb you so you won’t feel.
  7. Go to a detox center if necessary to get off of certain drugs or alcohol.
  8. You must keep working "your program" if you are going to stay clean.