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Dr. Gordon has listed a multitude of potential concerns or problem areas you might be experiencing. Obviously, there are no quick easy answers to these issues. However, he has provided some information on each of the problems so can have a starting place of understanding and direction.
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Areas of Concern

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Sexual addiction is like any other addiction, it slowly begins to take over your life. You are willing to risk everything because you can’t stop or control yourself. It may be pornography, illicit affairs, prostitution, topless bars, exhibitionism, voyeurism or any type of sexual “acting out behavior” that is controlling your life.

How do you stop? How do you get control? The first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem, and be willing to do something about it. The second step is to make a plan of action to change, and then begin to implement that change. This may include a treatment center, therapy, a 12-step group, developing your spirituality, medication, accountability, computer blocks, and other resources that can assist you.

Most sexual addictions are driven by a fear of intimacy, in addition to childhood experiences or encounters that haven’t been dealt with completely.

You can diffuse that power that is driving you to act out sexually. You can then better control your sexual impulses and behavior. Like any addiction though, you will need help and accountability to be successful.