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Dr. Gordon has listed a multitude of potential concerns or problem areas you might be experiencing. Obviously, there are no quick easy answers to these issues. However, he has provided some information on each of the problems so can have a starting place of understanding and direction.
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Areas of Concern

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Anger isnít good or bad, it just is. Everyone experiences anger. The goal is to learn how to manage it so we are in control of the anger. If you are hurting yourself or others with your anger then you have a problem. Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Anger is a secondary emotion. There is usually some other emotion that is driving it. The following acronym might help you remember:
    • F - Fear
    • I - Injustice
    • S - Selfishness
    • H - Hurt
  2. Deal with the primary emotion instead of the anger and youíll make more progress.
  3. Slow down your immediate anger response and ask yourself what is really the problem.
  4. Decide what will be the most effective way to express your anger to bring about the change you want.
  5. Anger is a signal that something is wrong. Use the power to change whatís wrong not to cause more problems.
  6. Find constructive ways to vent your anger without hurting yourself or others.