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Being sexually abused is one of the most damaging and traumatic experiences a person can have. Sex abuse is defined as having any kind of sexual encounter that is against your will. This can include being touched sexually, date rape, marital rape, or having sexual experiences as a child with anyone who is an adult. It also includes exhibitionism (someone exposing themselves to you), voyeurism (someone looking at you without your knowledge or consent). It also includes any sexual encounter if you were unconscious and were not aware. Children can also abuse other children if they are significantly older, or if it is against the childís will. There are many different forms of sex abuse, but the results will be very similar.

If you have been abused sexually you may feel dirty, violated, helpless, depressed, guilty, angry, ashamed, and even responsible. The tendency is to blame yourself if someone violates you. Then, you are inclined to keep it a secret and not tell anyone, no matter what your age, but especially if it happens as a child. This is what caused the main damage Ė blaming yourself and keeping the feelings inside.

Let me tell you something Ė ITíS NOT YOUR FAULT! Tell someone that you can trust, and then get some help. Get it out. Donít keep the memories inside, because it will cause you problems the rest of your life. Problems like low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, sexual problems, eating disorders, anger issues, repeated victimization, spiritual problems, and a host of other issues. Getting therapy can help you get past this trauma. Please do it.